Published: Sun, November 06, 2016
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Mock election lets elementary students decide who will be president

Mock election lets elementary students decide who will be president

For the past three elections, students participating have correctly chosen the next president of the united states, but we will have to wait until next week to find out if the "Kid Elected President" will be commander and chief.

It may not count, but First State Democrats got good news at the 2016 Student Mock Election Convention.

Teachers at the school aren't avoiding conversations about the election, however.

Legacy Family Academy home school students chose Trump overwhelmingly over the other candidates with 115 of the 167 votes cast.

If anything, the divisive language this election has forced parents and teachers alike to have hard discussions with their children about democracy.

School students from across DE are getting a jumpstart on next week's election.

Jess Clouser, 16, of Linwood, said she is now more open to third parties, though the students found third-party candidates tended to focus on one or two issues and did not have broad platforms.

"I was wondering how this one might go because this has been such a discouraging election cycle but to listen to these students to see the energy, the excitement, I'm very encouraged", explains Gov. Markell. "It's an excellent life lesson and a great lesson in global responsibility". Children were able to experience voting for the President. The essay submission deadline is November 4. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump won that contest over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but more than 20 percent of the students cast their non-binding ballots for third-party candidates. Clinton received 367 Electoral Votes to Donald Trumps' 165 votes.

The popular vote was a little closer. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson finished with 5 percent of the vote, followed by "Rocky" Roque De Le Fuente and Jill Stein, each with 2.3 percent.

Bay County students are learning about the Presidential Election with a hands on mock vote.

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