Published: Tue, November 08, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Microsoft Selfie App Hits Android

Microsoft Selfie App Hits Android

This app previously released on iOS and has now come to Android. Even those with the best selfie camera smartphones need an app to add that magical touch to their pictures and Microsoft's app can fulfil your needs. Due to the failures of those projects, the new focus is on making software and apps for the iOS and Android app stores, which is where the company thrives.

The filters in Microsoft Selfie may appear eerily similar to those found in Instagram, with options such as "1965" and "XPro".

What makes Microsoft Selfie special and unique from most of the camera apps out there is the machine vision technology it utilizes in enhancing self-portraits. As per Microsoft, the app "intelligently considers age, gender, skin tone, lighting and many other variables".

Just like on App Store, the app is available for free on Android and can be downloaded from Google Play here.

Selfie for Android has a vast collection of filters and its biggest strength is the default enhancer, which uses machine vision tech to improve selfies. The Microsoft Selfie app was designed specifically for people who wanted to touch up their pictures without too much hassle or headache figuring out editing programs. The app does as its name suggests - and no, it does not show you Microsoft's selfies, but it allows the users to capture better selfies.

If you still don't believe that the selfie is here to stay, you should look at all the products and apps that the OEMs and developers are creating.

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