Published: Wed, November 09, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 'Team will click on and off the pitch'

Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic: 'Team will click on and off the pitch'

"I thought that was me alone who had scored 25,000...", he quipped.

"I know I can do more, I know the team can do more and I want to do more and I will do more".

I have a friend who is a big tennis player, he tells me he remembers more the times he played with pain than the times he played without any pain.

"There is a difference between the fearless, who want to be there at any cost, and the ones for who a little pain can make a difference. That's what I mean, to compete you have to go to the limit". "That's not my culture".

However, Shaw is allegedly baffled by Mourinho's decision to question his belief on not being fit enough to feature. His information has been relayed to him by the FA's medical team, in direct consultation with their United counterparts, and is that both players have legitimate problems.

But what do the fellow United teammates think of Mourinho's treatment of Smalling and Shaw? Curently eight points off the pace, United need a string of victories to stake a claim for the Champions League spot. After an injury as severe as that we have to handle that with care.

Even for a player that's never lacked confidence, his performances in front of goal this term would break even the strongest men.

"Ah, no I wasn't", he responded thoughtfully after being asked on Sky Sports if he had been aware of the fact that he had just scored the 25,000th Premier League goal.

"That was one of the best attacking displays we've produced this season. As long as you create the chances, which I have been doing", he added. If we can win two, three, four games in a row, the confidence naturally comes with it.

"Why? For the same reason that I can not go to the gym every day anymore! But he started today and he played very, very well".

"If the fans are angry, I understand that", Bradley said after Mike van der Hoorn's 69th-minute header had provided scant consolation.

"Great goal yesterday, but his season can go one of two ways from here".

"We kept giving the ball back too quickly".

"It's a nice record but it's not something I think about now", he said. We can not take solace from playing a little better in the second half.

"I hope they stick with us and keep us going. They had every right to be angry".

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