Published: Wed, November 09, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

GoPro to recall new Karma drones on reports of power failures

GoPro to recall new Karma drones on reports of power failures

Recalled Karma drones can be returned to GoPro directly or wherever they were purchased originally for a full refund.

It's the latest bad news for the innovative camera company, which recently saw its stock drop 20% because of awful sales figures. The drone hobbyist group UAVHive has pointed to at least four cases in which a Karma dropped from the sky unexpectedly.

The drones boast simple joystick and touch-screen controls, and fold easily into a padded backpack that is provided. It's meant to capture stunning aerial footage from a mounted GoPro camera, which is sold separately.

There have been no reports of injuries or property damage from the power loss, GoPro said.

To participate in the recall, visit GoPro site. The company just announced it is recalling about 2,500 units of its drone-the Karma-after discovering that the units were losing power during operation.

Replacements are not being offered, though GoPro plans to resume shipment of the Karma - its first foray into drones - as soon as the issue is resolved. We are working in close coordination with both the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Aviation Administration. We have moved quickly to recall all units of Karma and provide a full refund while we investigate the issue.

The interruption in sales could further hurt the device maker, which continues to struggle with weak sales.

Though the incidents make for captivating footage, they're not the kind likely to help sell the $799 device.

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