Published: Sun, November 06, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Google: Android is as safe as iOS

Google: Android is as safe as iOS

According to the latest statistics compiled by Appboy, both Pixel and Pixel XL have managed to generate higher adoption rates compared to the company's most powerful Nexus smartphone, AKA Nexus 6P. Samsung's failed Galaxy Note 7 might be another reason why Google's Pixel phones have been so well received by customers.

The Pixel and the Pixel XL are not only two of the newest smartphones on the market, but they are also two smartphones that mark a departure away from the usual way Google does things.

Google is now "evaluating" whether to carry over a little feature accessed through the fingerprint scanner that's possible with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, but not in the company's previous flagships, the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P. Even a year ago when Google and its hardware partners launched rather expensive Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P the two phones were relatively affordable compared to the latest iPhone or the Galaxy Note.

During its first week, the Pixel grabbed 0.016 percent of the entire smartphone market share, while Pixel XL grabbed 0.020 percent.

Growth would likely be higher if not for limited Pixel stock from both Google and Verizon.

The Pixel duo is the first series of home grown Smartphones by Google. However, Adrian Ludwig, Director, Android Security at Google, stresses that Android is at par with iOS and the iPhone, and even thinks that it will become better than its rival in the future.

The feature allows owners of the Pixel and the Pixel XL to swipe the fingerprint scanner to bring up the notification panel. It features a 5.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 1,440x2,560 pixels (534 ppi pixel density), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, an Android 7.1 Nougat operating system, a 32/128 GB internal memory, and a 4 GB RAM.

However, as we know, Google is coy about its plans, just as other big players.

Keep posted in here for more updates on the Google Pixel deals. Reportedly, HTC has partnered up with Google to develop the new Google Nexus 7 2016, but more experts are placing their bets on Huawei being the next manufacturing partner.

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