Published: Mon, November 07, 2016
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Four Of Diamonds favourite to leave The X Factor this weekend

Four Of Diamonds favourite to leave The X Factor this weekend

Controversial act Honey G will sing American hip hop duo Kriss Kross's hit 90s track Jump, days after Lily Allen described her as "offensive" and "so wrong on so many levels".

But that advice seemed to fall on deaf ears as the acts all emerged onto stage for the results, it was Nicole who came out trumps with both Matt Terry and Ryan Lawrie coming in the top five. I like the girls, but I feel like they've pretty much plateaued, whereas Saara has a lot more to offer. The public saved Sam Lavery, which meant that Saara Aalto and Four of Diamonds had to sing for their place in the competition.

SAARA ALTO and FOUR OF DIAMONDS will compete in the sing-off!

But while they delivered an emotional rendition of Mariah Carey's When You Believe as they fought for survival, it was Saara that ultimately triumphed with a performance of Jessie J's Who You Are. Seriously, this may have been Saara's best vocal overall.

However, it was the end of the road for the four-piece, as Dermot announced Four of Diamonds would be sent home. "But the act I have to send home is Saara".

"Four Of Diamonds have been in the sing-off in each of the last two weeks, however, we think their luck is about to run out as we make them favourites to depart this weekend", said Coral's John Hill.

Finnish singer Saara Aalto will perform Sound Of The Underground by Girls Aloud. "The act I have to send home is Four of Diamonds".

Fans had just 5 minutes to vote to save one of the bottom three in a free poll on the official X Factor app. But their elimination here makes it even sadder that we somehow lost Gifty Louise last week.

Over three million people have attended X Factor Live shows up across the country since they launched 12 years ago.

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