Published: Sat, November 12, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Fort Trump: New security measures ring Trump Tower

Fort Trump: New security measures ring Trump Tower

Motorists and bus riders can expect tie-ups and pedestrians in the swarming neighborhood will be delayed by sidewalk lock-downs near the 58-story building.

The FAA routinely puts no-fly zones in place during high-security events in Manhattan, including when the United Nations General Assembly convenes in Midtown.

"It's going to take a lot of planning, and it's going to take a lot of creativity", said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Steve Davis. A couple witnesses said cops appeared to be selecting people in the crowd nearly at random and arresting them for refusal to disperse. "There's no getting around it".

Anti-Trump protests also took place in several cities across the USA again Thursday night, in some cases turning violent.

A scuffle during the NYC protests was quashed when protesters removed the agitator while others chanted, "peaceful protest!". He proposed a halt to immigration and visits to the US from nations "with a history of exporting terrorism", until new government procedures are in place to screen applicants.

Trump Tower just got a little more exclusive.

As of Wednesday, foot traffic by the building was being regulated by NYPD officers posted at Fifth Avenue and East 56th Street. It's also the headquarters of Donald Trump's presidential transition team.

President Barack Obama welcomed President-elect Donald Trump to the White House Thursday for a private meeting in the Oval Office. "I feel it's my right to be out here to protest against a commander-in-chief that refers to the military as nothing more than boots on the ground or that refers to my father and brothers as criminals". Many people are wondering if the flight restriction is due to the city's anti-Trump protests and if their flights in and out of the two major airports - JFK and LaGuardia - will be affected.

Though these measures won't stop anti-Trump protesters, hopefully it will deter people from doing anything more unsafe or stupid.

An NYPD representative told NBC News that the department is "assisting the Secret Service with security measures for the President-elect". There are also 20 uniformed officers watching the front of the building. Avenues slow to a crawl, with barricades and police on every corner.

"We're talking about the next few months and then Donald Trump is going to be living in the White House", Mayor Bill de Blasio said Thursday. "It's different than having to block off a couple streets in Chappaqua for the Clintons".

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