Published: Wed, November 09, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Florida's Marco Rubio defeats Patrick Murphy for second term in Senate

Florida's Marco Rubio defeats Patrick Murphy for second term in Senate

Rubio had previously pledged not to run for reelection in the state after a failed presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton has 47 percent of Florida voters who already have cast ballots, with 43 percent for Trump. Marco Rubio will return to Washington for a second term, emerging victorious from a campaign he jumped into at the last minute after he shut down his presidential campaign.

Polling in the race has varied, though Rubio generally maintained a lead.

"I agree with the USA senator, a Republican, who a while back said that we can't afford to give the nuclear codes of the United States to an erratic individual", Obama said during one rally.

National Democrats withdrew funding from the race weeks ago, leaving Murphy to fend for himself in a move that was seen as an early death knell for the congressman and the result of his under-performing expectations.

Smith & Wesson plans name change. Patrick Murphy in a vote that may tip majority control of the Senate in 2017.

Donald Trump supporters cheer during an election night watch party hosted by the Nevada GOP at South Point hotel-casino Tuesday Nov. 8 2016 in Las Vegas
Florida's Marco Rubio defeats Patrick Murphy for second term in Senate

The Senate's only black Republican, Scott said he would vote for Donald Trump, even as he has characterized some of Trump's statements and actions as "disgusting", "indefensible" and "racially toxic". "I know people feel betrayed, and you have a right to", Rubio said. But looking at each party's percentage of that vote, Dunn said the Republicans had improved while the Democrats dropped.

Political observers publicly - and some Florida Democrats privately - repeatedly lamented during the months-long campaign that Murphy wasn't "ready for prime time" and questioned why Democrats anointed him as their chosen candidate so early, rather than find a stronger contender against the battle-tested Rubio.

Murphy was the Senate race "dark horse" facing a better-funded incumbent and his political future remains bright, U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel said. Jim DeMint, then won election to the final two years of that term.

Meanwhile Democrat Tammy Duckworth defeated incumbent Republican Mark Kirk in IL, this is the first flip of party power in a Senate race thus far Tuesday night. As a Republican, Crist served in the state Senate and was elected statewide as education commissioner, attorney general and finally governor in 2006. The election in Florida also will send at least eight new members to Congress, play a critical role in the presidential race and decide whether to broaden access to medical marijuana. Murphy leads 61 percent to 33 percent among non-white voters.

Florida has almost 12.9 million voters.

But veteran Democratic strategist Steve Schale said on Twitter that the early-voting electorate was more diverse in 2016 than four years earlier, in large part thanks to rapid growth in voting by Latinos. That number has grown by 517, 026.

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