Published: Sat, November 05, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Early vote in Florida exceeds 2012 figures

Early vote in Florida exceeds 2012 figures

Millennials make up 44 percent of Latino eligible voters and are the main driver of growth in the Latino electorate. "We're seeing more Hispanics register to vote and, like the numbers say, we're seeing more Hispanics show up".

- Early voting turnout with Latinos is increasing.

"If there is a large Hispanic voter turnout, that's good news for the democrats".

"It's not surprising or earth-shattering", González said. This increase in the potential Latino vote has made Arizona into a battleground state that may vote Democratic, something that has not happened in years.

In states across the South and nationwide, Latino early voting rates have surpassed 2012 levels. Hispanic-surnamed voters had cast 710,000 ballots through Wednesday, up from 563,000 in all of 2012 early voting. According to Miranda, a million Puerto Ricans have moved into Florida in the last decade, changing the demographic and most likely this election. That compares to 9.9 percent in 2012.

She also tried to connect with Las Vegas's Latino voters by taking aim at Trump's feud with an American-born judge of Mexican heritage who ruled against the businessman in an ongoing legal matter.

Latino turnout could be the difference maker for Clinton in swing states like Nevada, North Carolina and Florida. 71% of Latino voters said the election is very important. The projection for Latino turnout is projected to increase to 51%-53% for 2016. But simply nominating candidates other than Trump likely won't be enough: Republicans may need to revamp the party's stances on several issues to overcome Hispanics' strong Democratic tilt, the poll shows. Among Hispanics in this study, that's followed by immigration at 15 percent. By contrast, in congressional races, 86 percent of Republican Latinos support the party's candidate in their district; 90 percent of Latino Democrats support their party's congressional candidate. "They are gonna want action", Sharry said. Below are other key facts about the Latino vote. "Latinos are our base".

While she was all smiles as she courted black and Latino voters - the latter especially important because they have been alienated by Trump's rhetoric - she warned that minority voters would suffer under Trump.

'You need to make it real for voters who are undecided'.

It's a conscious choice, her campaign says, in an effort to battle against tightening polls ahead of next Tuesday's election.

Texas, a majority people of color state with a large Latino population, has seen dramatically higher early voting rates this year, with rates in the state's most populous counties surpassing those of 2012 and 2008.

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