Published: Mon, November 07, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Democrats take the lead in Florida early voting

For the 3 day voting period there were 17,855 people who voted early.

Early voting on Saturday in Wake Forest.

A few weeks ago, some political analysts expressed fears that the high unfavorable ratings of our major presidential candidates would result in low voter turnout.

Early voting wrapped up at 1pm for most counties in North Carolina Saturday. This means the candidate behind in the early vote must make up ground on Election Day to stand a chance at winning Florida's electoral votes.

Who wouldn't like to be a part of the historic 2016 Presidential election?. He is the author of "Count My Vote: A Citizen's Guide to Voting" (AlterNet Books, 2008).

According to the Board of Elections, that is 44% of the state's registered voters and a 13.4% increase over early voting turnout in the 2012 General Election.

As Michael McDonald, the founder of the United States Election Project, which compiles voter turnout data on a daily basis from states, tweeted Thursday, "Why record early vote numbers in many states: people have made up their minds & are voting". If that's the case, those voters wouldn't be well-represented in polling that focuses on likely voters.

The flip side of that decrease among black voters in North Carolina and Georgia is a big increase in the density of the white vote. Blacks comprised 22 percent of the early vote compared to 27 percent during the last presidential election, when Republican Mitt Romney won the state.

More information on the election can be found at under voter registrations and elections. "I see maybe more enthusiasm right now than I did (in March)".

Saturday voting totals are not yet available, but through November 4, the breakdown for Haywood's early voting included 7,407 Democrats, 5,456 Republicans, 4,631 unaffiliated and 55 Libertarian voters.

Proper identification is required to cast a ballot. "I might know Florida better than you do", Trump said. But they look the way we'd expect based on polling: Good news in Virginia for Clinton and good news in OH for Trump, for example.

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