Published: Tue, November 29, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Chicago O'Hare Airport Workers to Strike on Thanksgiving

Chicago O'Hare Airport Workers to Strike on Thanksgiving

Although the workers are not in a union, the Service Employees International Union Local 1 is in the process of organizing them.

The protest, named "Fight for $15", dubbed itself an "international movement of underpaid workers demanding a fair wage for hard work and union rights."

If you were anxious that strike at one of the nation's busiest hub airports would complicate complicate your holiday travel plans, you'll likely be relieved to know that the employees' walkout won't happen until after the Thanksgiving travel period.

In a statement Monday, the workers said they'll "wage their most disruptive protests yet on November 29, expanding their movement to almost 20 airports".

Airport and fast-food workers are expected to be joined on picket lines by child care workers, home care workers and graduate assistants, who are among the estimated 64 million US workers who earn less than $15 an hour. The subcontractors named by the union as employers of the workers - Scrub, Prospect Airport Services and AirServ - either declined to comment or did not respond to requests for comment.

"It was never their intent to disrupt travel", said the spokeswoman.

"We remain committed to maintaining a work environment that is safe and healthy for employees and expect the same commitment from our contractors and partners", according to the aviation department statement.

O'Hare workers are fighting to raise pay to $15 an hour and to unionize, the Tribune reports.

Avoiding what could have prompted an absolutely nightmarish Thanksgiving travel weekend, hundreds of O'Hare workers have announced a strike for after the holiday weekend. Operations like air traffic control and security screening will not be affected.

Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International is expected to be the least busy major airport during Thanksgiving holiday and Hawaiian Airlines has been ranked as having the lowest rate of delays for that holiday week.

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