Published: Sun, November 06, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Apple cuts adapter prices after MacBook outcry

Apple cuts adapter prices after MacBook outcry

Apple is also cutting prices by up to 25 percent on all third-party USB-C peripherals that it sells. That's because the only connector the new MacBook Pro has is are Thunderbolt 3-backed USB-C ports. Apple wants to assist them in facing this transition and wants them to move on to latest technologies and peripherals, thereby increasing the growth of the new ecosystem. If you own Thunderbolt 2, Digital AV, VGA and USB devices that you rely on, you need USB-C adapters to connect them to the new MacBook Pro.

As listed on the website, price cuts include $10 off its USB-C to traditional USB adapter, which now costs $9. The company could have made a USB-C hub, such as this $99 Microsoft Display Dock, which would have anticipated the connections that some users would need.

Apple has never been known for throwing users a bone, instead opting to push forward an industry standard that is in its infancy. Three downstream USB-C ports offer additional connectivity. The company doesn't have any plans to start shipping adapters in the box with the MacBook Pro.

According to The Verge, this seems to be a part of the transition to the new MacBook Pro. A new MacBook Pro purchases can quickly cause over $100 more spending on adapters. See, the new MacBook Pro's USB-C ports will be able to transfer data at a maximum of 10Gbps, whereas the ultra-thin MacBook was only limited to 5Gbps.

However, Apple's vice president for marketing Phil Schiller has said in a recent exchange with a MacRumors reader the conditions in adding RAM more than 16 GB in a MacBook Pro. This means even new iPhones can't plug into new MacBook Pros without an adapter.

Each other 3rd-party peripheral will have a slight discount depending on the device and the brand. Starting with the lower resolution of the two, the LG UltraFine 4K Display is now priced at $542, down from its MSRP of $699.95.

The discount will last through December 31st this year.

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