Published: Tue, November 15, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

AP Top 25: Ohio St, Louisville rise after surprise Saturday

Three of the Top Four teams in the College Football Playoff rankings went down this weekend, yet the Week 12 Associated Press and Amway Coaches polls did not experience a massive amount of turnover.

Alabama (10-0) has already won the SEC West and will play for the SEC title, again.

For the first time in three decades the Nos. The Aggies then went out and lost at Mississippi State to clear up the mini-controversy.

Virginia Tech, Arkansas and North Carolina, all up and down in recent weeks, fell out of my ballot, while USC joined with a bullet at No. 16, joined by Group of 5 squads Boise State and San Diego State. The same applies to the Badgers, as they are ranked higher in the polls and would be a two-loss Big Ten champion no matter who they may win against in Indianapolis.

As it stands, Alabama, the victor of MI vs. Ohio State, and Clemson seem to have the best shots of reaching the 2016 College Football Playoff.

"But more than anything it's the consistency that we've seen week in and week out with Washington", Hocutt said.

The Buckeyes are still in fine shape. Now it is possible that if the Wolverines lose to Ohio State on November 26, Penn State would win the Big Ten East, potentially shutting both of the conference's best two playoff hopes out of the conference title game. No. 5 Ohio State, which hosts the Wolverines in two weeks, should enjoy that.

A wild college football weekend has turned the playoff race on its head. The committee sees Wisconsin as team with narrow losses to Ohio State and MI and solid victories over LSU and Nebraska. Saturday's 26-13 loss to surging Southern Cal means the Huskies are just 1-1 against top-25 teams and played a poor non-conference schedule (Rutgers, Idaho and Portland State).

Michigan's 14-13 loss to Iowa opens the Big Ten East. There was only one 7-2 in the committee's top 15 at this point last season.

For years, the folks who supported and fought for preserving the BCS beat to death one particular point: A playoff would devalue the regular season. Colorado doesn't move the dial on the national scale and USC started its season a month late.

I am impressed to say the least at what the Blue Hens accomplished last week topping a very good Albany team on the road.

The loss now makes it much more hard for Clemson to reach the CFP.

And, of course, in the end the playoff produces a truer champion.

Even if that isn't the case-even if the committee decides MI is the No. 4 team in the country, not Clemson-it would still serve the Wolverines well to beat a team ranked higher, putting them in an nearly guaranteed position to move up. Here's where they stand. If Michigan loses before the championship game they may still get into the Playoff with only one loss. Here's the insane part - all three of them still control their own destiny in their conference races and will win their respective leagues if they win out. Because short of that, they have no shot to be a conference champion. After beating UCLA in a Thursday night rock fight and after being helped out by upsets around the country this past weekend, Colorado is now ranked 12th in the College Footall Playoff rankings.

Don't laugh at the Gators. If Florida wins out it would be 10-2 with victories against LSU, Florida State and maybe Alabama to win the SEC championship. OK, yeah, you can laugh a little.

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