Published: Fri, November 18, 2016
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American Horror Story: Roanoke - "Chapter 10" Review

American Horror Story: Roanoke -

This the first time Lana Winters has appeared in the "AHS" universe since "Asylum", and her appearance here holds deep meaning.

Not only is the scene a playful nod to the real life convention at which Murphy has long received fan worship, it also demonstrates just how big of a phenomenon My Roanoke Nightmare was before its "second season". (The fourth show within a show, if you're keeping count.) Lee has agreed to the interview to try and send a message to Flora, who hasn't spoken to her since the acquittal-but Lana informs her that Flora was reported missing an hour before the show began taping. At last, Lee gets to face her preteen daughter, Flora, a character we know nearly nothing about, aside from the fictional version we saw on My Roanoke Nightmare.

In her third role of the season, the great Sarah Paulson plays Lana Winters, a Barbara Walters style TV tabloid talk-show host who has come out of retirement to interview Lee live on television.

Ironically enough, it was Lee's daughter Flora who let the cat out of the bag about the one murder Lee couldn't explain away: her ex-husband Mason. The tapes were previously found by Monet and Audrey. It is possible that Lee may still be possessed, and merely playing the victim.

It's the final segment of American Horror Story: Roanoke and we're down to our last two survivors. Apparently, showrunner Ryan Murphy teased that he would bring the series back in the Spring, and wouldn't keep the theme a secret like he did with Season 6.

So what did we think of this season? It was a disaster both thematically and plot-wise (natch), so returning to any of the stories presented in Freak Show could spell disaster, since AHS isn't almost as woke or clever as its showrunner thinks it is. How do we know? With "Roanoke", he has once again shown us just how graceful his universe of horrors can get. Lee shows up looking for Flora after a two week search, much to the chagrin of the Spirit Chasers and their ratings.

How is the Lana Winters Special interview pan out? Cancel your plans, or make watching AHS s06e10 your new ones! Her daughter, Flora testifies that when she was lost in the woods, she saw her mother kill her father. Lana invites her to tell Flora exactly what she feels she needs to hear, so Lee looks at the camera and tells Flora that she loves her and will never give up. I was ready to call Roanoke the best season of American Horror Story so far before the episode aired, but the success that the team had with this finale absolutely solidified that assessment. Ashley Gilbert (Leslie Jordan), the actor who played Cricket in My Roanoke Nightmare also joined them. Chillingly, there's another video on YouTube of the remaining Polk brother, Lot, stating that his family never got justice for what Lee did to them, and that if the law won't take care of things, he will. Ryan stated that the connections to Freak Show would "explode" in Season 7. She does as Flora implores, and soon a fiery explosion of the Roanoke house results in Lee's demise.

If you don't want to know what may or may not happen in tonight's episode, we suggest that you skip this part.

Roanoke opened up the mythology of the series by conjuring up crossover characters, drawing season-hopping ancestry lines and dropping all-too familiar nods in a TV world where no coincidence goes unnoticed.

Coven is easily the funniest and campiest season of American Horror Story and does admittedly provide a lot of entertainment. Showing just how much of an impact the series had on fans, it's no wonder why Sidney (Cheyenne Jackson) would even think to pitch "Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell" to the network.

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