Published: Fri, November 25, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

15 in College Football Playoff rankings after LSU win

"Colorado is a team the committee is really impressed with", said CFP selection committee chairman Kirby Hocutt. Louisville was the team that took a big drop.

The Huskies claimed the position previously occupied by Louisville, which tumbled to No. 11 after losing by 26 points at Houston last week.

The top four in the latest rankings are Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan and Clemson.

The obvious hitch is that No. 2 and No. 3 play each other this week in what appears to be an elimination game in Columbus.

Should Ohio State win and Penn State beat Michigan State, the Buckeyes would not win their own division yet they would remain very much a favorite to reach a national semifinal. The Bedlam victor will have a chance but probably needs an upset in one of the other conference championship games.

Unbeaten Alabama remained No. 1, with Ohio State No. 2, Michigan No. 3 and Clemson No. 4.

The Nittany Lions moved up from No.8 in last week's standings after defeating Rutgers this past Saturday 39-0.

Would the committee choose to put Ohio State in and leave Penn State out?

Penn State moved up a spot to No. 7 in the CFP rankings. All of those teams moved up one spot from last week. Hocutt said the committee does not adjust the Cowboys record for the mistake, but it does consider the circumstances of the loss. There's a possibility "team chaos" pays college football teams another visit in the final weeks of 2016, which would make things a lot more complicated for the committee, who'd then wish we were back in the days of computers calling the shots. But if it comes down to a bunch of teams with two losses the Big Ten seems to have a better chance to get two teams into the field than the Big 12 has to get one. The Tide now are getting ready to host Auburn for the Iron Bowl. Someone is always going to wind up disappointed, but for the four teams selected, there is no sweeter feeling than vying for the national championship. Well Alabama has been the only team to really brag about all season. The Orange Bowl then chooses the next highest-ranked team from the SEC, Big Ten or Notre Dame. Stanford maintained their spot at #24 right behind the 3-loss Washington State Cougars at 23 and the 3-loss Utah Utes at number 22. A conference title could help solidify the Huskies as a playoff contender. Navy has the AAC West clinched.

Ohio State held onto the No. 2 seed despite a struggle against Michigan State, while Michigan held fast at No. 3 following a sloppy, 20-10 win against Indiana.

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