Published: Thu, October 13, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

YouTube video could offer new lead about girl missing since 2009

YouTube video could offer new lead about girl missing since 2009

The video, posted in October 2009, went viral this week after being rediscovered by a popular YouTuber, who handed to the footage to police.

Antigua Police agree that the girl in the video looks like Berg.

A viral video is giving hope to the family of a long missing teenage girl in Wisconsin.

According to Roller, in the seven years Berg has been missing, the police have followed every tip they have received about her disappearance.

She had been dropped off by an acquaintance in Wausau.

The video was posted two months after Kayla Berg disappeared. "I got a new gf today!" a man talks into the camera, and shares details from a "date" at the mall.

He asks that anyone who has any information about the video, or the case, call the Antigo Police Department at 715-627-6411. But police in Antigo are taking the video seriously. At this point, it's potential evidence - but it should never become a source of gossip or, worse, entertainment. I haven't been able to watch the video yet, I've seen stills. For another, it could show a disgusting and real-life crime.

Warning: You may find the gif below extremely disturbing.

"Why are you doing this!?" the woman screams as the man walks into the bathroom and shuts the door. Police are working to confirm its authenticity, the Antigo Times News reports.

Kayla's brother posted on Facebook that the family has contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the brother according to heavy saying he nearly 'had a panic attack at work after seeing the video'.

No one has ever been charged in connection with her disappearance. Investigators used cadaver dogs to search around Kayla's boyfriend's house, CNN reported.

Kayla's mother, Hope Sprenger, fears the girl in the twisted recording could be her missing daughter. "She was very upset that they didn't have a gymnastics team at the high school in Texas".

He continues, "She picked out this most awesome necklace".

Even Berg's mother said she could see a resemblance.

Berg's whereabouts are still unknown.

The FBI lists Berg as a missing person on its website.

We went shopping at JC Penneys, and she tried on a lot of clothes, and she ended up buying a whole lot of them, you know what I mean? A post from earlier this month on the image-sharing website Imgur raised the possible links to Berg's case.

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