Published: Fri, October 21, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Watch Tom Cruise Re-Enact His Famous Roles with James Corden

"But I make the "Missions" and the 'Reachers.' Just different kinds of films".

The film picks up after the events of the first film which followed Jack Reacher, a former military investigator and drifter. This is an impossibly dumb movie and I had so much fun watching it. The first film, while not a massive blockbuster, did make a tidy profit with a $218 million worldwide gross set against a $60 million budget. And while they're incredibly appealing, they can't do more than the story allows. "The need for speed", Corden and Cruise said together while wearing bomber jackets. He's steely, strong and nearly accidentally handsome.

A cocktail (LOL, GET IT?!) of weird public outbursts, an illogical fear of galactic dictator Xenu and a marriage to actress Katie Holmes rumored to have failed due to Tom's oppressive ties to the Church of Scientology caused the actor to lose much of his reliability in the eyes of the public.

Smulders plays Maj. Susan Turner, who is unfairly framed for espionage after a mission in Afghanistan turns deadly. Though she and Reacher barely know each other, he's convinced of her innocence and breaks her out of a military prison in a snappy sequence full of swift takedowns and quick disguises. In case that isn't enough to deal with, Jack suddenly has in tow a tearaway 15-year-old girl (Danika Yarosh) who may be his daughter. Suddenly, he'll do anything to protect her. While Zwick is supportive of Christopher McQuarrie's efforts in directing 2012's Jack Reacher, he does say he felt there could have been more exposition and greater characterization, particularly with the history of Cruise's character. They find that beyond a cover-up of the soldiers' murders, crooked officials may be supplying weapons to insurgents in the Middle East.

The Edward Zwick-directed thriller is being panned consistently in reviews that appear today. They can both hold their own. Turner may be female, but her character's depth and strength matches Reacher's.

Throwing on wigs, shades, and a variety of memorable outfits, Cruise effortlessly slipped back into character. If only the story was as good.

We spoke with Smulders about making Jack Reacher with a recently mended broken leg and why hard work really does pay off. Two stars out of four.

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