Published: Sun, October 23, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Unemployment rates rose in 3 of 8 US swing states last month

New numbers show the unemployment rate in Kansas went up for the fourth month in a row.

Unemployment rates were significantly lower in September in 7 states, higher in 1 state, and stable in 42 states and the District of Columbia, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

Merced County had an unemployment rate of 8.2 percent in September, down from a rate of 9.3 percent in August.

The seasonally adjusted data released Friday morning suggest the state's labor force expanded by about 20,000 people between July and September. Manufacturing, which has been hit by the global economic slowdown and the fall in oil prices, got a lift in September, with businesses adding 700 jobs.

Despite the increase, the county's unemployment rate was still lower than the statewide average of 5.5 percent and matched the national rate. It was 4.9 percent in August.

The state estimates there were 1.65 million people working during the month.

The unemployment rate continued to decline in Stanislaus County for another month, according to the latest report from the Employment Development Department.

In September, seven states had statistically significant unemployment rate decreases, the largest of which occurred in Nevada (-0.5 percentage point).

"We've only seen movement of one or two-tenths of a percentage point plus or minus 4 [percent] over the past several months", Pakko said.

Employers in Virginia added about 13,400 jobs from August to September, and the labor force expanded for the second consecutive month, increasing by 19,690, or 0.5 percent.

Mining, logging, and construction (+100 jobs).

The Governor's Office says manufacturing employment measured 263,000 in September and 263,500 in August. The government sector added 3,400 while leisure and hospitality added 2,900.

Goods-producing industries, at 899,700, lost 3,800 jobs in construction (-2,600) and manufacturing (-1,200).

Education-related hires grew by almost 17,000 but those were largely seasonal fluctuations, coinciding with the start of the school year.

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