Published: Thu, October 20, 2016
Medical | By Garry George

Trump Jr. mocks Aurora shooting in old interview

Trump Jr. mocks Aurora shooting in old interview

A series of audio clips from radio shows between 2011 and 2015 published Monday by CNN Money showed Trump Jr. has been making tasteless insults in public for years.

In the interview on "Opie and Anthony", Trump Jr. then talked about sexual harassment in the workforce.

In it, they discuss the motives of the Aurora theater shooter and play audio from one of the witnesses, which prompts a joke from Trump Jr.

"You know, I'd love to, eventually, one day, just do like an outtake scene movie from the boardroom because I mean, I've seen so much wonderful stuff that was just be-you know, if you have a sick sense of humor like I do", Trump Jr., said on a show called "The Six Pack".

Donald Trump is not the only member of his family being haunted by old taped comments.

Number Two: On Twitter, Trump Jr. fantasized about being able to stick his hands up women's skirts by pretending he's gay.

As CNN's KFile discovered, Trump has a long history of pushing the envelope during appearances on shows like "Opie and Anthony", "Opie with Jim Norton", and "The Six Pack" (which is no longer on the air).

Contacted later Sunday afternoon, Lydia B. Blaha, the Trump campaign's Colorado communications director, said the event is expected to take place inside The Sink. He suggested race could be one of the motivations, though he questioned whether he was "allowed to say that". When one of the hosts noted that obesity was now considered a medical problem, Trump Jr. scoffed, "Everything's a disease".

"Yeah, Ali", Trump Jr. said.

January 2012: Trump lamented to "Opie and Anthony" that "you can't even make fat jokes now", responding to the observation that obesity is a disease by joking "laziness is a disease, too".

"Yeah they're offended, until they lose weight", said another host. "You know, we've gotten to a point where you can't be a politician and actually say what you're thinking because someone's gonna get offended and god forbid, like everyone's so sensitive now, it's ridiculous". And Trump Jr. said the mothers at those pageants are "all fat".

Criticizing President Obama is also hard, he said, because "that makes you a racist". "That's, that's nice. I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding". "Like, that in itself is racism", he said.

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