Published: Thu, October 20, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Trump denounces 'lies and smears' as more women come forward

Trump denounces 'lies and smears' as more women come forward

Two more women, meanwhile, come forward Friday with allegations against Trump.

Summer Zervos, The Apprentice contestant in 2006, said the businessman forced himself on her at a Los Angeles hotel.

Blaming the media for "creating a theater of absurdity", Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump denied claims by a former contestant on "The Apprentice" that he made unwanted sexual advances on her almost a decade ago.

Trump responded by denying Zervos' allegations and saying he "vaguely" recalled her from the reality-television show he hosted for more than a decade.

Accompanied by her lawyer Gloria Allred, Zervos said during the meeting, she requested for a job, to which Trump agreed. "I complied. He then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast", she alleged. Breaking down sporadically as she read her statement, Zervos described an encounter with Trump where the billionaire took her to a Beverly Hills hotel room and kissed and groped her.

"My people always say, 'Don't talk about it, talk about jobs, talk about the economy, '" Trump explained to his supporters in Greensboro earlier on Friday.

Trump kicked off his campaign previous year accusing Mexico of sending rapists and drug dealers to the United States and promised to build a wall along the southern US border that he said he would make Mexico pay for.

One of the new allegations involves Kristin Anderson, who told the Washington Post the property mogul touched her through her underwear at a Manhattan nightspot in the 1990s. "And I said, 'I came to have dinner.' He said, 'OK, we'll have dinner'". His campaign denied the allegation.

"When you looked at that awful woman last night, you said, 'I don't think so!"

"He has witnessed both my highs and lows operating a small business and I am pleased to report that business is good", Zervos wrote.

Trump said the women may be motivated for financial reasons or political reasons or "the simple reason they want to stop our movement". "I pushed his chest and said to him "get real man".

Trump added another misogynic expression regarding those two who dare accuse him during the presidential campaign.

He said Slim, as a donor to the Clinton Foundation charity who also holds a 17.35 percent stake in the Times, has an interest in helping her White House campaign. Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement Anderson's account is a "total fabrication".

Just this week, a number of outlets have published fresh allegations against Trump, including the New York Times, the Palm Beach Post, People magazine, BuzzFeed and the Washington Post. "The answer is that this is clearly a political attack created to tear down Mr. Trump".

She said that she made it clear she was "not interested".

The news conference was the first time Zervos has spoken to the press about her allegations against Trump.

Speculation about what kind of Trump conduct might be lurking in video out-takes from the show has swirled in recent days, since the release of "Access Hollywood" footage showing Trump joking about grabbing women by the genitals and kissing them without asking.

During a rally in North Carolina, Trump rejected the accusations.

This picture of Trump as smart, decisive, blunt, benevolent, rich - really rich - and never wrong turned out to be the ideal launching pad for his improbable presidential campaign.

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