Published: Wed, October 19, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

'Trendy' caramel-filled M&Ms to hit the shelves come spring

Your sweet tooth is in for a treat. Mars Chocolate has announced that M&M's are getting a new filling - caramel. The chocolate "lentil" is generously larger than the normal milk chocolate candy, and it took engineers and product-development scientists to design the machinery that would deliver the caramel into the M&M. It creates a fourth category for the 75-year-old candy brand - soft and chewy. Just how long? A Mars spokesperson told Business Insider the company spent a little over two years developing the caramel M&M. According to CNN Money, M&M's of three categories are now on the shelves: crispy (pretzel), smooth (chocolate) and nutty (peanut).

"Caramel is extremely trendy". "It's a $2.2 billion flavor segment and the fastest growing segment in food right now".

M&M is no stranger to innovation and in the past has introduced varieties including pretzel, crispy (so popular it made a comeback after a limited time run) and coffee nut. "We want to be part of this category".

On top of diverting time, Mars invested about $100 million to develop a new manufacturing site in Kansas.

"It was a big technological challenge for us", said Izzo. It plans to hire 70 employees to run the operation.

"Chocolate and caramel is such a popular flavor combination, especially with the fans of M&M'S", explains Tanya Berman, Brand Director, M&M'S Brand.

Caramel m&m's won't hit the market until may.

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