Published: Thu, October 27, 2016
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

The company says the wireless earbuds needs "a little more time".

The company says the wireless earbuds needs

Apple has not said when the delayed AirPods might now reach consumers.

Announced at the iPhone 7 event, Apple's AirPods are wireless earbud-style headphones that sport dual accelerometers, IR sensors, and the ability to easily summon Siri.

Apple's announcement that it is delaying the AirPods comes after the company made its Powerbeats3 workout headphones available for purchase.

The company on Wednesday said it needs "a little more time" to finish its AirPods before it starts selling them to consumers. According to Apple, the fully-charged AirPods last for about 5 hours of playback, and their carrying case can recharge them up to five times.

Early reviews for the earbuds have been positive overall, despite the widespread backlash that Apple has attracted by dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack from its latest iPhone.

Apple would not give further details about the delay, so it's unclear whether hardware or software updates are to blame. AirPods connect via Bluetooth and automatically sync with your iPhone and other Apple devices (like your Mac) via iCloud.

It doesn't happen very often for Apple to delay product releases, but it's not without precedent either.

It isn't totally clear which bugs Apple will need to squash in order to make the $159 AirPods ready for market, but people with early versions have acknowledged issues. Wireless headphones need regular charging and the tiny AirPods could fall out and, without the wire as a lifeline, easily get lost. They're buggy. I like them.

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