Published: Thu, October 13, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Sony enters virtual reality race with PlayStation VR headset

Sony enters virtual reality race with PlayStation VR headset

Well, with the PlayStation 4 Pro, the emphasis is on VR. And by "real", I do obviously mean "virtual" - not that your brain bothers making that distinction as you, in your nimble little starship, are fired through the launch tunnel and into glorious outer space.

There's a massive list of video game titles to sift through, some with titles that came out rather recently to some previously released video games on the last generation console.

A VR reboot of the classic arcade game, the use of neon and pixel graphics to surround you here is brilliant.

The first of the three videos essentially serves as an unboxing, which is something we've already seen. The second video, shown above, details how to connect all the wires for the PS VR, a useful tutorial for those who want to try out the new technology as soon as they get it.

Unlike on a computer or smartphone screen, a headset like PSVR enables you to look around inside that Star Wars clip without having to drag with your mouse or finger. Make sure you have your PlayStation Camera connected to your PlayStation 4, and your PlayStation 4 connected to your TV, so then you can disconnect the HDMI cable from your PlayStation 4 and put it directly into the Processor unit. The third video follows below.

"Mirrors that are in the view of the PS Camera will confuse the tracking".

A Sony blog post has revealed a raft of non-gaming VR content that will be available to use through its PlayStation headset, which launches globally on October 13th.

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