Published: Thu, October 27, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Romo Throws in Practice for 1st Time Since August Injury

Romo Throws in Practice for 1st Time Since August Injury

Beasley is one of the league's more risky slot receivers.

The end result is that the Eagles will have fewer possessions this week than normal.

The Eagles' dominant pass rush performance was aided by the fact the Vikings were missing both of their starting offensive tackles. The Dallas offensive line can be over-hyped at times but there's no denying it's a strong unit.

And it also reinforces just how incredibly fortunate the Cowboys were in winding up with Dak Prescott.

The strength of the Cowboys is their offense. They have drafted well, but you have to credit Wade Wilson, Derek Dooley, Mike Pope, and Frank Pollack with the job they have done getting the offensive players trained and integrated into the Dallas scheme. That's tied for third most. The Cowboys will have to make that choice at some point, though they haven't been forced to do it yet. Only the Giants (20 points) and Redskins (23 points) have managed to score 20 points or more on the Cowboys this season. Garrett made no mention of Romo joining individual drills. [Image by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images] Ezekiel Elliott Rushes For 200 Yards Ezekiel Elliott is arguably the best running back in the National Football League... and he is only a rookie.

During the preseason, Prescott shined passing for 454 yards, five touchdowns, no interceptions, and completing 78 percent of his passes.

RB Ezekiel Elliott: The other half of Dallas' dynamic rookie duo, Elliott leads the National Football League in rushing with 703 yards.

The Dallas defense has been a pleasant surprise as well.

The strength of this Eagles team is unquestionably their defense, particularly their front seven.

Wentz and Prescott got to know each other a little bit during the pre-draft process and were complimentary of one another on Wednesday. Philadelphia's defense created 12 turnovers for a plus-6 turnover differential. Their defense has settled down in the second half of games, though.

When Dallas defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli and Irving watched video of the Packers game together, conversation was quite positive, not usually the norm for their communication. They've passed for 1,442 yards, which ranks 25th in the league. The answer is simple: time of possession.

Prescott, who has been brilliant in Romo's stead as part of this surprising 5-1 team.

Friday, Paloma Valley defeated rival Elsinore, 69-28, and improved to 8-0 for the first time in program history under Esposito.

If Schwartz's unit can get some stops and force a turnover or two, the Eagles' offense will have opportunities for success. It's a big spot for the rookie quarterback.

The Eagles finished second in the division and missed the playoffs entirely.

Sunday's night game is a huge one for the Eagles. With the trade deadline set at November 1 at 4 p.m. ET., this could be the final weekend for Thomas and Staley with their current teams.

"It was the first thing I wanted to know", Thornton said. It's more like a competition. Beating Dallas would put Philadelphia in a real nice position. It's hard to bench a quarterback of a one-loss team with a rating over 100, even if he's a rookie. Tony Romo has had some pretty significant injuries as of late and may never be a reliable option again.

Obviously, being on a five-game winning streak does a lot for a locker room. If Washington loses, they'll fall to last place. Could the New York Giants be interested in making a deal with the Cleveland Browns for Joe Thomas or the 49ers Joe Staley?

The Dallas Cowboys suddenly have an embarrassment of riches on their hands. The Eagles have owned the G-Men in recent history. The dislike of the Cowboys from fans in Philadelphia is some of the most accentuated in all of pro sports. Wilson came off the bench, threw two TD passes and led us to a 44-10 victory.

For now, it's all about Eagles-Cowboys week.

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