Published: Fri, October 14, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Republican Elite Far Prefers Clinton to Win US Election

Republican Elite Far Prefers Clinton to Win US Election

Republican nominee Donald Trump's burn-down-the-house approach to campaigning over the past couple of weeks has led to speculation that he doesn't actually want to win the election. As convention delegates chanted "Lock her up!". Trump shook his head no. "Let's defeat her in November", he counter-proposed.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate in this year's presidential election in the United States and her Republican counterpart Donald Trump conducted their second television debate on Sunday that saw a new round of acrimonious and personal exchanges. Acid washing-a process for making jeans look cool if you are on an episode of Miami Vice-appears to be Trump's shorthand for either bleaching or using BleachBit.

Then he stumbled in the first debate and suffered a series of setbacks, from reports about calling Miss Universe Alicia Machado a "Miss Piggy" in 1996 to claiming a more than $916 million tax write-off in 1995, capped by the video in which he said his celebrity status gave him license to kiss and grope lovely women.

Special prosecutors, of course, are created to remove political influence from the justice system; Trump was proposing a special prosecutor for the express objective of punishing a political opponent.

"Obviously Hillary Clinton is very concerned about how divisive this race has been, and all that Donald Trump has done to try to divide Americans", Jennifer Palmieri told reporters.

"Because you'd be in jail!"

Mr Podesta also said, without offering proof, that Mr Trump's campaign may have been aware of the hacking in advance.

To the editor: Trump trying to deflect criticism for his lurid comments in the leaked tape by bringing up Bill Clinton's indiscretions reminded me of a similar ploy when I once found myself in hot water. Sixteen minutes into the debate, Trump invoked Bill Clinton's infidelities. After 22 minutes, he started interrupting his opponent.

"I'm just exhausted of non-support" from leaders of the party he represents on the presidential ticket, Trump said Tuesday evening on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor". "Oh yeah, what about the other 15,000?"

Hillary deleted 33,000 emails after a congressional subpoena - and then destroyed her phones with a hammer - all to cover-up her crimes. While acknowledging any evidence was circumstantial, Podesta said the alleged ties could be driven either by Trump's policy positions or the Republican's "deep engagement and ties with Russian interests in his business affairs". "I'd like to know". In fact, the previous question had been about Clinton's emails, but Trump was petulant. "One on three!" he protested, suggesting Clinton and both moderators were against him. But throughout the debate he was a man at odds with everybody - even his running mate, Mike Pence. While he still faced an uphill climb nationally, Trump's success in OH, which he has maintained for several weeks, fueled speculation that the Clinton campaign had shifted its attention to friendlier battleground states. "He and I haven't spoken, and I disagree". It noted that while Clinton has developed an image of dishonesty, Trump "built a campaign on insults and bigoted statements, finally losing any right to be taken seriously with the recent release of a video in which he was heard to brag about his ability to get away with sexually assaulting women".

Christ once talked about the importance of a faithful disposition in little things. "I will knock the hell out of ISIS", he declared.

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