Published: Fri, October 07, 2016
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Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes on United States plane

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes on United States plane

A Boeing 737 Airliner had to be evacuated in the United States on Wednesday when a new Samsung Note 7 phone began smoking in a passenger's pocket.

A Southwest Airlines flight leaving Louisville, Kentucky was evacuated Wednesday, October 5, U.S. time, after a passenger's Samsung phone began emitting smoke. Customers receiving replacement phones have complained about overheating and the rapid loss of battery power, undermining market confidence Samsung has managed the recall properly. In a statement, it said it is working with authorities to recover the device.

The incident is the latest report of the company's new flagship phone dangerously overheating, an issue that has affected several handsets, forcing Samsung into a major recall of the device and causing chaos at the world's biggest smartphone maker.

We're not really sure what happened here but a Note 7 reportedly caught fire while inside a plane.

Samsung, Southwest and USA federal aviation safety officials declined to confirm that the phone was a new Note7, saying they were still investigating.

Samsung has told DPA in an e-mail that until they recover that phone they can not confirm that the in the incident a Note 7 was involved.

Green said he threw his phone when it began to smoke and the flight crew then swiftly started to evacuate the plane.

Issuing an nearly immediate statement on the incident, Samsung seems to be in a panic.

Samsung has had problems with the Galaxy Note 7 since it debuted in August, when some customers reported that the phone's battery caught on fire while charging!

The passenger, Brian Green, confirmed that he had picked up a replacement Galaxy Note 7, citing the black square on the back of the label and the green battery icon.

"Once we have examined the device, we will have more information to share", it added.

The phone had some heat damage, but also singed the carpet of the plane; there was no real damage to the plane otherwise, according to Louisville Metro Arson.

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