Published: Fri, October 07, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Premier League: the secret behind his lengthy career of Ibra

Premier League: the secret behind his lengthy career of Ibra

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, famous Manchester United football player, 35-years-old told the secret of his successful career to the journalists. Even though his contract with the UK club will end in 2018, Zlatan is ready to consider their next offer and to prolong these relations. This Swedish professional footballer has the contract for two years with the Old Trafford.  So you have enough time to make Premier League betting on Matchbook. 

During the match against the Leicester that took place in the Community Shield, Ibrahimovic brought his team victory, with the final goal 2-1. He has turned 35 earlier, on 3 October, but he does not want to think about retirement. He works hard and brings more success to his team that many other footballers in Manchester, younger than he.

When he was asked about the future, Ibrahimovic became very mysterious and said that it is hard to say something for sure, and the future is unpredictable. He admitted that as long he can play, he will do that, no matter whether it will be two or three years from now. Famous football star does not rely only on his name and believes that the name will not have an influence on his destiny. Ibrahimovic stated that only his results on the field and the hard work can determine his future.

Former frontman of Inter Milan and Barcelona, this man is full of confidence that only the constant training, hard work in the team can bring the results. The journalists usually call him a veteran of the football, since 35 years is a big age in football. During his career, he took part in 804 international and senior club games. And currently, he is the oldest on the Premier League.

It seems like Jose Mourinho does not want to give the rest to his talented player either. And we cannot agree with him more. Ibra has started 8 games from the beginning, and 2 from the bench in the Europa League and United’s League Cup, and brought 6 goals already. When he was asked about his main secret of the long life in football, he confessed that he plays every game like the last one. And every game counts, so he has to be prepared to do his best.


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