Published: Wed, October 19, 2016
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Prater's kick, Bush's pick give Lions 31-28 win over Rams

Prater's kick, Bush's pick give Lions 31-28 win over Rams

The Rams also continued to be plagued by penalties.

After losing an "excused" game from last week against the Buffalo Bills, the Los Angeles Rams started another streak falling to the Detroit Lions, 28-31.

And now, two weeks after calls for Caldwell's job, the Lions are back among the teams still talking about playoffs with a 3-3 record and all six games having been decided by seven points or less.

Los Angeles went for a touchdown on 4th-and-goal from the 1 on the final play of the half but that decision backfired. Gurley did catch four passes, but the Rams need to find a way to establish his presence on the ground. That would seem to be a significant problem. OL Cody Wichmann could have played at Detroit, but wasn't needed, Fisher said. Still, Fisher insists: "I'm not overly concerned right now". After running for nearly 1,400 yards last season, Gurley is on pace for just 912 yards this year.

True, the Rams finished seventh in rushing offense last season.

Keenum played almost without error for much of the game. That backed up the Rams to their 10 and on that drive, crowd noise helped force two false starts and the Rams punted. Per the "play index" at Pro Football Reference, he's the only QB in NFL history to accomplish that line and lose the game.

Tate never got discouraged, despite a rough opening four games in which he had 14 receptions for 95 yards and no touchdowns.

"There's been some criticism with respect to that", Fisher said, via Alden Gonzalez, ESPN.

But just when the Rams looked done, they rallied. "If we're reading progressions the way we should it ends up kind of one week one guy gets a few more than the other guy and that's just how it happens". "In close games, those are significant".

Keenum shredded the Lions most of the game, missing just two passes in the first half and going a ideal 18-for-18 in the third quarter. Quarterback Matthew Stafford was also caught up in the momentary fracas.

"When the game's over, the game's over", Fisher said. Unfortunately, the Lions either fail to modify their game plan once a defense adjusts and shuts them down after the half, or the opponent charges out of the gates themselves and mimic the style to early success.

Jack Wang notes that Brockers played only 17 defensive snaps for the Rams on Sunday. "We're moving the whole franchise again, for a week".

The Los Angeles Rams raised a lot of eyebrows Sunday afternoon against the Detroit Lions.

"The game's over, the game's over", said Fisher.

"We don't like to have them end that way but when we're right in the middle of it, it's always great to be able to come out on top in that regard", he said. "We're ready to go". Until he can regularly perform like he did in the win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a two-touchdown game, the Rams may stick in this rut of near-wins. "I think more so than anything else we try not to focus on that because there's no way, because you don't know exactly what defense they're in, that I can say, 'Hey, we're going to get the ball to you, "X" number of times'".

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