Published: Fri, October 14, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

London Zoo visitors 'never in any danger' after silverback gorilla escaped

A spokesman for ZSL said: "All I can say is ZSL is managing an incident on site and will keep you updated when we know any more".

While Mr Fitzpatrick said that the zoo was looking into the details surrounding the escape he stressed, "At no time were any of our visitors in danger, the gorilla did not get out of his safe space".

Less than six months from the passing of Harambe (RIP the meme lord, for he died for our sins and is forever missed), we can only hope and pray another innocent noble gorilla isn't put down.

The gorilla is thought to have escaped from its enclosure at the central London zoo, with reports that the public have been locked in.

The primate is said to be a western lowland gorilla called Kumbuka.

In a later statement the Yard said the incident had "concluded" amid reports the gorilla was shot with a tranquiliser dart.

Yesterday Malcolm Fitzpatrick, curator of mammals at London Zoo, confirmed the incident occurred and said Kumbuka was back in his enclosure and "doing very well".

One Tweeter posted a video, claiming they were in a "lock in" at the zoo due to the gorilla being on the loose.

"As we were waiting we saw the police turning up in numbers with loads of guns".

People have tweeted that they are "locked in" at the zoo as the Gorilla is searched for. There were eyewitness reports indicating he was agitated before he escaped from the zoo's Gorilla Kingdom attraction.

"Officers are there to support ZSL staff".

Others include Zaire, who came to London Zoo in 1984 after being born in Jersey Zoo, Mjukuu and her daughter Alika, "teenager" Effie, and Gernot, the latest addition who was born in November previous year to Effie and Kumbuka.

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