Published: Sat, October 15, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

London police make arrest after creepy clown incident

Hamilton police say they are fully aware of the so-called clown sightings but say the topic appears to be mainly associated to social media.

Multiple reports have been made to Surrey Police by people who have been intimidated or frightened by individuals dressed as creepy clowns.

The 19-year-old man had allegedly scared the group of girls near a shopping centre in Northam, northeast of Perth, and chased them for about 700 metres before arriving to a police station.

The tweet pointed out there had been no sightings on their patch as yet but that they were "champing at the bit to nick one".

The "killer clown" craze sweeping across Britain which has seen children being chased and clowns jumping out on people, in some instances armed with knives, is "seriously harming" the clown entertainment industry.

The wave of creepy clown sightings across the country, which started back in August, isn't letting up.

The victim was in the area of Locken Boulevard and Memorial Drive when he came across the person dressed as a clown.

In one case, a Plymouth man was confronted by a 'Killer Clown' in a late-night incident as he walked home through dark streets on Friday night.

In one incident, a clown tried to get into a woman's vehicle before chasing her.

In a separate incident, Peterlee Police confiscated two masks and a hatchet from two 12-year-old boys who meant to scare students at Howletch Primary School.

A statement issued by The Hills Local Area Command said residents should be wary of the clowns following a global social media craze.

World Clown Association executive Andrew Davis also said the trend was "disappointing".

Gloucestershire South Wales and Durham police forces also reported a number of clown-related incidents. They could be arrested and ultimately end up with a criminal record.

Other incidents were reported in Whitehaven, Carlisle and Kendal in Cumbria.

Thames Valley Police said clowns were "tying up resources which could impact on calls to other incidents".

The craze has been labelled a waste of police time by United Kingdom police officers and the RGP have also said that these pranks tie up police resources and can impact on their ability to respond to other incidents. It will not be tolerated by police.

"We are hoping that this craze will pass this week and we'd urge the small minority of people still taking part to stop".

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