Published: Wed, October 19, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Half of Donald Trump's Supporters Think Russia Is Friendly to U.S.

At the same time, the poll found that only 32 percent of Republicans believe the US intelligence community's conclusion that Putin is trying to influence the presidential election.

In an interview in August, Trump told Savage the policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton toward Russian Federation have prompted something "worse than a Cold War", with Moscow building up arms while the USA depletes its military.

Following the show's official endorsement of Clinton, which saw Homer finally place his vote with the Democratic candidate, the animated show's newest clip sees Homer actually head off to the polls.

"It is out of step with, not just what Democrats think but out of step with what, up until the last few months, nearly every Republican thought, including some of the ones who are now endorsing Trump", he said. "Doesn't pay his taxes... legally".

Trump said Clinton "shouldn't be talking so tough" about Russian Federation.

Trump's latest comments come amid increasing concern that Russian Federation is attempting to influence the presidential election.

"Including some of the ones who are now endorsing Mr. Trump", Obama told reporters.

Historically, Republican politicians have often taken or appeared to take a harder line on Russia's predecessor, the Soviet Union, the United States' Cold War foe.

"It's quite a reversal", Mr. Obama said "You'll have to ask them how to explain it".

Forty-nine percent of Trump supporters see Russian Federation as either an ally or a friendly nation, though only 24 percent reported a favorable view of the nation.

"The problem is Putin has no respect for Obama, at all, doesn't like him and doesn't respect him".

Mr. Trump has said he might meet with Mr. Putin before taking office, if he's elected in November.

Obama also urged Trump to "stop whining" about the November 8 election being rigged, saying no serious person could suggest USA elections could be manipulated due to their decentralised nature.

It also shows her increased confidence, as many national polls show her with a solid lead over Trump.

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