Published: Tue, October 11, 2016
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Girl dies from 68 day fast

Girl dies from 68 day fast

Jains had argued in petitions that the ritual was central to their religious beliefs and has been practiced for centuries, but a state court ruled the practice suicide; India's Supreme Court later allowed to continue. They are trying to establish the facts. "This was a tragedy and we must learn our lessons from it", Maharasa Ravinder Muniji, a Jain religious elder of Kachiguda Sthanak told NDTV.

Aradhana Samdariya was not from an uneducated family.

"She even went to school regularly for 41 days of her fast and did puja regularly". Several organizations allege that the father's mentor advised the family that his business would be profitable if the girl did the India religions fast. Her two aunts are doctors, one a paediatrician and the other a gynaecologist. "No father wants his daughter to die", he said.

"That is so harsh".

Santhara (it is called Sallekhana by Digambar Jains), or ritual fasting unto death, is usually undertaken only by the elderly or terminally ill among the Swetambara Jains, especially by religious leaders on their deathbeds. I said wait till you are 16.

"She asked permission for upvaas [fast that involves renouncing food]". "People came to show sympathy with the family after she died".

"The girl was made to drink only water from sunrise to sunset". "We did not do it secretly".

Parents of girl who died after 68-day-fast were booked today.

Parna is a ceremony held on the successful completion of fasting. The Jain Seva Sangh (JSS) said on Monday that it does not believe that Aradhana's death was due to fasting. The event was also attended by Telangana minister from Secunderabad area, Padma Rao Goud. It was over on October 1.

Aradhana Samdariya fainted and fell into a coma after completing a 68-day fast during the Jain holy period known as Chaturmas before dying of cardiac arrest, Indian media reported Thursday.

Aradhana, the only child of her parents who own a jewellery store, had fasted for 34 days before, a family acquaintance said. "The messaging is important. We don't force anyone to sit on a fast", he added. The teen reportedly wanted to become a Jain monk. But there is no bar on children fasting. "It was hard but then my mother would say, if someone else is doing it, why can't you". She was also said to have selected the number 68 as it has significance in her religion - as one could attain self-purity by chanting a specific mantra 68 times.

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