Published: Thu, October 20, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Germany: 4 police wounded in raid on anti-gov't extremist

Germany: 4 police wounded in raid on anti-gov't extremist

Four German police officers were wounded, some of them seriously, when a member of the far-right "Citizens of the Reich" group opened fire during a raid today, authorities said.

The man was said to have opened fire as soon as the raid began at 6am.

Cops broke into the 49-year-old home in Georgensgmünd, Bavaria, on Wednesday and were allegedly fired upon by the suspect.

Some of them have been seriously injured in the shooting by the 49-year-old gunman who calls himself a "Reichsburger".

He had previously refused to allow officials access to check his arsenal and take away the firearms.

In August, a member of the group - a former Mister Germany pageant victor - opened fire on police carrying out an eviction order at his house in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The shooter was overwhelmed by other officers and arrested. He suffered light injuries.

German media reported the man was a "Reichsbürger" (roughly translating to "citizen of the Reich") - a right-wing extremist who rejects the power of the current German state.

"This incident shows that we must beef up surveillance of the so-called Reich Citizens movement", Herrmann told reporters in Roth.

The group is mainly known for aggravating German authorities by pursuing obscure legal claims, not outright violence.

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