Published: Sun, October 30, 2016
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Families plead for answers in Australian theme park deaths

Families plead for answers in Australian theme park deaths

Canberra couple Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi were described as wonderful people who were full of life.

'We want to know why our loved ones were taken away from us in such horrific circumstances'. Perhaps some "thanks" are the easiest place to start.

'This could have been my family and I completely am sympathetic to what they must be going through'.

"It's just a devastating tragedy and it's still having a lot of problems for all of us to deal with it, to be honest", Chairman Neil Balnaves told the meeting in Sydney.

Kate Goodchild and husband David Turner with children Ebony, left, and Evie, right, in a picture released by the family.

"We know that there have been candlelight vigils and prayers of support from people all around the country, and we are grateful and touched by this support".

The grieving family of Dreamworld victim Kate Goodchild is using her favourite perfume to settle her eight-month-old child.

Ebony was on the ride with her mother and uncles before they were killed.

Luke Dorsett and his partner Roozbeh "Roozi" Araghi, who were well known in the LGBTIQ community, were killed when a raft flipped over on the Thunder River Rapids on Tuesday afternoon.

Ms Goodchild's two daughters were taken out of the park screaming and crying along with their father, who emerged from the ride covered in mud, witnesses said.

"One of the things that ought to come from this is the licensing standards for theme parks and carnival rides ought to be made more transparent and more stringent to prevent a bad tragedy such as this occurring again". Our darling Ebony is only 12.

"We are just devastated, absolutely devastated", she told The Courier Mail.

Patricia Karvelas, a presenter on Radio National Drive, said: "Roozi and Luke were the best and most loyal friends".

The Australian Red Cross charity has also sent up a tent at the site, handing crisis care books to mourners, including a puzzle and games book for young children to help explain the situation to them.

Luke and Roozi have been partners for almost a decade and are a truly inspirational couple to everyone who had the great fortune to have known them.

'To say this is just not fair doesn't begin to express our despair.

The Canberra family travelled to the Gold Coast for a family member's wedding they attended three days before the accident.

"Like everyone else in Australia we want to know what went wrong", he said.

As the investigation into the horrific accident at Dreamworld - which resulted in the deaths of four people - continues, the mother of two of the victims has spoken of her horror at the loss. "No-one wants those answers more than we do". "Roozi's family have to farewell their incredible and inspirational son and brother", Mr Goodchild said.

"In the next few days we have to bury our lovely children, and for Dave, his awesome partner".

"My son and Kate were childhood sweethearts and they will be missed incredibly".

The company also faces a blow to earnings from the accident, Balnaves said.

Mr Goodchild asked for time and space for the families to grieve and farewell their loved ones.

"We had three of us on hold for well over an hour".

Deborah Thomas, the chief executive officer of Dreamworld's parent company Ardent Leisure, laid flowers at a memorial outside the theme park on Friday morning.

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