Published: Thu, October 20, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Ecuador admits pulling Assange's Internet plug

Ecuador admits pulling Assange's Internet plug

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is being kept up to date about the Internet by a man shouting through a speaker outside of the Ecuador embassy in London. WikiLeaks on October 17, 2016 alleged that Assange's internet access was cut Saturday after it published private speeches by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to Goldman Sachs.

Swedish prosecutors had been due to question Mr Assange at the embassy this week, but last week Ecuador's attorney general said the long-awaited interview would be delayed until November 14th to ensure Mr Assange's legal team could attend.

Ecuador has admitted that it limited Julian Assange's internet access on Monday to stop him from interfering in the United States presidential election.

WikiLeaks, which surged into the global spotlight with that hoard of damaging leaks, has returned to the headlines this month thanks to the hacking of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's email account.

Ecuador clarified the move was not a result of pressure from Washington.

It remains unclear who provided the thousands of emails from the Clinton campaign to WikiLeaks.

"The Ecuador government respects the principle of non-intervention in other countries' affairs, it does not meddle in election processes underway, nor does it support any candidate specially". However, the State Department denies the allegations.

"Assange has inserted Ecuador in the USA presidential campaign and exposed it to retaliation in case Clinton wins", said former Foreign Minister Mauricio Gandara, adding that the publication of stolen documents is considered a crime in Ecuador.

It came after the whistleblowing site released another batch of emails from the campaign manager of United States presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"In that respect, Ecuador, exercising its sovereign right, has temporarily restricted access to part of its communications systems in its UK Embassy", the statement said.

Assange has lived in the embassy since 2012 when he was granted asylum by Ecuador. That didn't stop enterprising Twitter users from deciding that, on the off chance Assange is using his smartphone, people should send some pictures his way to use up his monthly allowance.

"For the United States, I'd like the victor to be Hillary, whom I also know personally and appreciate very much", Correa said. Over the weekend WikiLeaks released three lines of code it described as "pre-commitments", labeling them "John Kerry", "Ecuador", and "FCO" - an apparent reference to Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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