Published: Tue, October 11, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Colombia's Santos to give Nobel Prize money to victims of conflict

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos's Nobel Peace Prize gives the country's troubled peace process a major boost, but saving a deal voters recently rejected still won't be easy, analysts say.

"Not only is it deserved, but it also invites a moment of reflection on Colombia, on hope for peace, on the happiness of saying, effectively, peace is not marching backwards", she added.

Polls taken before the referendum showed the "yes" vote winning by an nearly two-to-one margin after Mr Santos and FARC leader Timochenko signed the 297-page accord in front of world leaders six days earlier.

He won the award for his efforts to end the country's civil war, which resulted in the signing of a peace accord. Sri Sri was invited by the Colombian president as well as the leadership of FARC for successfully holding the peace negotiations and convincing the FARC rebels to follow the principle of non-violence.

"The work of peace is never finished", he said. In recognition of Sri Sri's efforts, The Republic of Colombia awarded him with “Simón Bolivar Order, ” the highest civilian award of Colombia.

The Nobel Peace Prize carries an eight million-kronor (£750,000) award. The war has cost the lives of more than 220,000 and displaced six million people.

A dissapointed Santos has now renewed his commitment to taking the peace process forward as negotiators try to revise the deal.

Although the Colombian people did not vote to ratify the negotiated peace agreement, Biden said they "have not turned their back on the idea of peace".

Also on Friday, Franco-Colombian former senator and Farc hostage Ingrid Betancourt said the guerillas "also deserved" the Nobel prize. "And I am committed to doing everything I can-both as Vice President and as a private citizen-to support the Colombian people as they build a new future".

The university's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences presented Santos its Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award in 2012.

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