Published: Mon, October 17, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Clinton ad shows Pence denying Trump claims as Trump says them

The outcome of the new poll was released in the wake of a debate between vice president picks by the two major parties, Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

This number was down sharply from the estimated 50 million viewers who saw Republican challenger Paul Ryan debate Vice President Joe Biden in 2012. In an interview on CNN, Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine accused Pence of dodging instead of defending when confronted with Trump's comments, insults or policy proposals. Clinton's supporters seized on the remark, and by Wednesday morning, visitors to were being redirected to her campaign website.

Hillary Clinton also tried to create a wedge between Trump and Pence on Wednesday.

In opening remarks during the vice presidential candidates' debate October 4, each candidate alluded to faith but they didn't return to how their beliefs influenced their political views until the last 10 minutes of the night. "Because I've never heard such diverse views", Brian Walsh, a former Senate Republican leadership aide, wrote on Twitter. But Democrat Tim Kaine was claiming mission accomplished for forcing his opponent to confront -or not - Donald Trump's long list of provocative remarks. "Our message for Donald Trump and Mr. Pence: "That Mexican thing" is gonna come back to bite you because our community is engaged, they're paying attention", said Rep. Linda Sanchez, chairwoman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, adding, "You are going to pay a price at the ballot box this November".

Hillary Clinton is at her Washington, DC home, raising money and preparing for her next debate.

Yet for the most part, Kaine was determined to make the showdown a referendum on Trump's character.

"Pence had the harder assignment in that he had more to defend" and "in terms of his debating style he was better", Goldstein said.

Palin weighs in on VP debate: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin commented on Tuesday's vice presidential debate from a unique perspective, according to Fortune. "It's hard for me to see where Pence is going to attract new votes". "And I'll tell you he's a good one".

Pence, the IN governor and former congressman praised the Republican businessman's resilience and called him a "strong leader".

"First, let me say, I appreciated the "you're hired, ' 'you're fired" thing, senator".

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