Published: Thu, October 13, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

BMW reveals Vision Next 100 motorcycle

BMW reveals Vision Next 100 motorcycle

The concept motorcycle was unveiled on October 11 at the "Iconic Impulses The BMW Group Future Experience" exhibition in Los Angeles. The visor displays all the necessary information that is based on the direction in which the rider is looking.

BMW recently showed off a bunch of concept vehicles to for its 100th birthday, but this one is the coolest. With autonomous driving, shared vehicle ownership (or no ownership at all), and zero emissions being the three main trends shaping transportation's future, a dirty, risky relic of the past is here re-imagined to still provide some element of involvement and risk in an otherwise soon-to-be sanitized human experience. Turning the Motorrad Vision Next 100's handlebars actually modifies the frame orientation to provide steering input.

Similarly, the Motorrad Vision connects rider, bike, and road to keep users in complete control of their vehicle. The frame therefore has a shape of a black triangle but with no bearings and joints.

"In terms of design and function, the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 takes its cues from various striking elements in the history of BMW Motorrad, adding a contemporary twist each time", the automaker explains in a press release. In this case, however, the jugs, which breathe in and out like bellows as the bike rolls along, aren't engine parts so much as cooling towers for some indeterminate zero-emissions powerplant.

In the distant future, motorcycle riders will have no need of helmets or padded clothing.

Other technologies fitted on the K 1600 B include the new reverse assist feature which blocks the forward gears and the optional Shift Assistant Pro that lets riders shift up and down through the gears without using the clutch.

BMW has announced yet another concept vehicle of the future. Special glasses allow riders to see critical information without having to look down. On the Vision 100, however, it has been reinterpreted to form a functional sculpture linking the front and rear wheels with a dynamic sweep. The concept motorcycle can automatically balance itself when stationary and also while being ridden. Low speeds only require a slight input, while high speeds require more to change course. Variable openings offer additional ventilation.

"The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100" will have self-balancing wheels, so that a kickstand is needed only when the motorcycle is shut down.

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