Published: Thu, October 27, 2016
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Awards 2014 Women's Title To Mare Dibaba

Bank of America Chicago Marathon Awards 2014 Women's Title To Mare Dibaba

To date, Jeptoo is the most high-profile Kenyan athlete to have tested positive for banned substances and is among 40 of the country's athletes to have been caught for using performance-enhancing drugs since 2011. But on Wednesday her partner said they were expecting that the punishment might be extended after the IAAF appealed what it felt was a lenient ban imposed by the Kenyan track federation.

"The B.A.A. supports the decision by the CAS, the pursuit of fair competition, and justice for those who seek to gain unfair advantages", officials said in the statement.

Ethiopian runner Buzunesh Deba (BOO-zoo-nesh DEE-bah) placed second in the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Just a week ago, Jeptoo, whose initial ban was set to expire this week said she was looking forward to returning to marathon running where she had succeeded since her first win at the 2004 Stockholm Marathon.

A scheduled two-day court hearing in April was postponed and two different lawyers withdrew from representing Jeptoo.

The marathon titles were taken away from Jeptoo, now 35, who was also ordered to pay 15,000 Swiss francs ($15,000/13,850 euros) in legal costs to the world athletics body, the IAAF.

The CAS said doubling the length of the original ban was justified because the panel had been "comfortably satisfied that there are aggravating circumstances" surrounding the case, and that Jeptoo had "used EPO as part of a scheme or plan".

The "undisputed source" of the red blood cell-boosting hormone was an injection by her doctor, the ruling stated.

The court's verdict further indicated that "according to the applicable rules, the minimum period of ineligibility in this situation is a sanction of two years but can be increased to up to four years in the case of aggravating circumstances".

"The athlete provided various differing accounts of the circumstances leading up to the injection and also regarding her relationship with that doctor".

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