Published: Thu, October 13, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Aerial Footage Shows Scale Of Destruction In Aleppo

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Tuesday that "all the available evidence" points to Russian responsibility for the bombing of an aid convoy in Syria.

The talks would come at a time when Moscow faces mounting pressure over the deaths of civilians in the Syrian military's Russian-backed assault on the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov accused Johnson of fanning the flames of "Russophobic hysteria", independent news agency Interfax reported on Wednesday.

Johnson's speech was "a storm in a glass of muddy London water", he added.

Also on Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said that France remains open for talks with Russian Federation, and the cancellation of Putin's visit to Paris did not mean that the two sides would never hold discussions again.

Boris Johnson has urged anti-war activists to stage demonstrations outside the Russian Embassy in London over the country's involvement in the Syrian civil war.

One doctor described the bombing on Tuesday as akin to "resurrection day".

On Wednesday, 25 people were killed by heavy air strikes on rebel-held areas of Aleppo, the Civil Defence, a rescue service working in rebel-held areas, said on Twitter, adding that 15 of them were killed at a market place in the Fardous district.

In an emergency Commons debate, the Foreign Secretary said President Vladimir Putin was in danger of turning his country into an "international pariah" with his continued support for the regime of President Bashar Assad.

"[Russia] is behaving like a rogue elephant, shredding global humanitarian law, abusing its veto powers on the UN Security Council, using the veto to protect itself from its own war crimes", Mitchell said.

Earlier, the embassy had appeared to taunt the British Government, posting: "Russia's record on Syria is thousands of freed villages, thousands of tons of humanitarian aid".

"And, not only that - a protest outside the Russian embassy would actually contribute to increasing the hysteria and the jingoism that is being whipped up at the moment against Russia".

"Without the massive support of Russian Federation, the (Syrian) regime and Bashar al-Assad would not be able to carry out this battle on Aleppo".

Sawers said: "We are moving into an era that is as risky, if not more unsafe, as the cold war because we do not have that focus on a strategic relationship between Moscow and Washington".

It has been accused of using chemical weapons, such as chlorine gas, on the population there, an allegation that Syria and Russian Federation deny.

In an interview on BBC Radio 4, Sir John Sawers argued that western powers are lacking a coherent strategy on global relations with Russian Federation and had failed to recognize a shift in the balance of power.

On Saturday, Russia blocked a draft French UN resolution calling for an end to the barrage of air strikes on the rebel-held east of Aleppo that have escalated in the last month, leaving hundreds of people dead, including dozens of children.

He rejected calls for a no-fly zone saying: "We can not commit to a no-fly zone unless we are prepared to confront and perhaps shoot down planes or helicopters that violate that zone".

The French leader said Tuesday that he has a "major difference" with Putin over Syria.

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