Published: Thu, September 08, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Watch Gaming Console Unveiling Online

It's been almost three years since Sony launched the PlayStation 4.

We are just hours away from the PlayStation Meeting in NY on September 7. Rumored names are PlayStation Neo, PlayStaton 4.5 and PlayStation 4K. Also, sine Sony is specifically holding its own event, then the announcement of all-new exclusive titles may be a possibility. As expected, the console is geared towards 4K and features HDR support. The entire console has been unboxed and reviewed but Sony has maintained total silence about it so far.

The Neo announcement is very likely as Sony and PlayStation have been eager to allow players to watch the PlayStation Meeting. PS4 Neo will also have higher bandwidth on memory at 218 GB per second (176 GB per second for the current PS4). "Our goal is to deliver high-fidelity graphical experiences". Stay tuned for our coverage of the event tomorrow! In addition, with Sony looking for longevity for its consoles, the fully upgradeable components mentioned for the PlayStation 4 Forever Edition could be plausible.

PlayStation is hosting a conference on September 7 at 12 p.m. PT/ 3 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. BST/ September 8 at 5 a.m. AEST- and IGN has you covered for everything coming from the briefing.

We also hear Rockstar Games could be attending the show to unveil a remastered version of Red Dead Redemption, although that's now just a rumor. The event is open only to the press, but make no mistake about it, Sony wants the masses to see it too. Additionally, Sony has previously stated its sales goals for this fiscal year, aiming to sell 20 million PS4 units within that window. It will allow gamers from around the world to see it live on their PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

The PlayStation Meeting will be streamed live online at

While there are speculations that the event will formally announce the PS4 Neo, Sony has not given much information regarding the upcoming event.

The person behind this teardown video reports that the PS4 Slim is rather silent and that the heat dissipated is less than that of the original PS4.

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