Published: Sun, September 25, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

The Game 'Head' Lyric Triggers Fight Between Chyna and Rob

Rob Kardashian is so ready to be a father. Click through for the juicy details!

Chyna now features a T-shirt for sale on her website that says "Are you still texting bitches?"

Blac Chyna has had enough!

After taking one look at the venue, which is a converted garage, Rob confesses he never wants to see their daughter end up in such a place.

Why should she have disclosed a past fling?

We're told Rob was weirded out because Game had spent so much time with his family, and he felt it's something Chyna should have disclosed early on in their relationship.

The Game has been pretty loosed lipped these days when it comes ot his love life and he recently revealed that he's slept with three Kardashian women in the past. He's desperate for answers, and needs them ASAP. Rob and Chyna have reportedly united and decided that The Game is their common enemy, and not each other, according to the sources who spoke to TMZ. However, Chyna allegedly argued that she slept with Game long before she began dating Kardashian. Plus, he's putting her in the middle of his major war with Meek Mill by including her in the song! Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Are Expecting a Girl How the Kardashians Found Out About Rob Kardashian's Engagement Can't wait for You???? Let us know in the comments.

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