Published: Fri, September 30, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Tesla updates software to improve radar

We're also expecting to see more information on the software's functions coming out soon - and maybe even the usual Easter eggs Tesla has been traditionally bundling its software packages with.

This functionality will work with any Tesla vehicle made in 2014 and later, as only they have all the necessary components on-board to enable the new detection features.

Norway is one of Tesla's biggest markets, largely because of state subsidies in place to encourage people to buy electric-cars.

Musk said recently that the new features on Autopilot could have prevented the death of the U.S. Tesla customer, though Autopilot 8.0 won't deliver flawless safety. As cars become more interconnected, the ways in which they can be remotely hacked will only increase, so its important that the computers handling critical safety features are isolated and protected. One of the most major is a shift towards radar and away from cameras for controlling the auto.

"The driver has to understand the limitations of it", said Kalidindi, as his Model S zipped along the US 101 South at 65 miles per hour in autopilot mode. The vehicle automatically vents the cabin and activates the AC when the temperature rises above 105 degrees.

The company has said the Autopilot system, introduced a year ago, is not a fully autonomous system and drivers are cautioned that they need to be at the wheel and in control.

He also emphasized his belief that autopilot is safer than traditional driving, mentioning that Tesla cars have now driven roughly 200 million miles on autopilot. Previous versions required drivers to turn off Autopilot on off-ramps. If drivers ignore repeated warnings, the new software will disable Autosteer until drivers stop and re-engage the system.

Additional updates coming allow the auto to automatically remove around slower vehicles, navigate highway interchanges, adapt speed at curves (based on previous driver data) and speed up destination searches using voice commands. Radar would have detected the truck, Musk said.

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