Published: Wed, September 28, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Syrian air strikes kill at least 90

The Syrian army's declaration of the offensive coincided with global meetings on Syria in NY, the latest diplomatic efforts officially meant to revive the truce, which was brokered by the United States and Russian Federation.

Syrian state media quoted a military official as saying that the bombardment was the prelude to a planned ground offensive.

He said it was "now essential to prevent a disruption" of the US-Russia agreements.

"Every missile makes an quake we feel regardless of how far off the bombardment is", one Aleppo resident said. The pumping station supplying rebel-held parts of Aleppo was damaged on Thursday and subsequent strikes had made repairs impossible, Mr Dwyer told the BBC.

More than 120 people have been killed in Syria's eastern Aleppo and the countryside during the bombardment, the AMC reported, citing the volunteer group Syrian Civil Defense.

A seven-day truce brokered by the United States and Russian Federation collapsed on Monday.

Washington was supposed to pressure rebel forces to respect the truce and distance themselves from jihadists, but the ceasefire fell apart acrimoniously and the Syrian army declared it over on Monday.

Syrians in eastern Aleppo and other besieged cities and towns are facing a dire shortage of food, medicine and other supplies. Today the situation could not be more serious.

Conflicting casualty estimates are common in the aftermath of clashes and attacks in Syria.

He was speaking as the northern city of Aleppo endured a day of relentless air strikes, with the Syrian military determined to retake rebel-held areas.

He said reinforcements had already been brought to Aleppo.

He said a key condition of the truce was for moderate rebel groups backed by the U.S. to separate themselves from militants.

"All we can expect from Aleppo if the Syrian government is intent on retaking it is. a slow, grinding, street-by-street fight, over the course of months, if not years, whereby the ancient city will be nearly completely destroyed", he warned. "We can hear the planes right now", Mohammad Abu Rajab, a radiologist, told Reuters.

"The bombings of the last few hours in Aleppo show the regime is playing the card of dividing Syria and its supporters are letting it happen", Jean-Marc Ayrault said at the United Nations. "We accepted. But the next morning they said, 'Thank you very much, but we now need seven'". "Bringing a peace is nearly an impossible task now". Selmo put the two-day death toll at more than 200.

"It is critical for children's survival that all parties to the conflict stop attacks on water infrastructure", it said.

"That is why, even now, we will continue to look for any way possible to restore the cessation of hostilities", Power said.

The government has urged people to avoid positions held by rebels.

"Instead of pursuing peace, Russian Federation and Assad make war", Power said.

The ceasefire negotiated by the United States and Russian Federation brought a brief respite from the violence, but the agreement broke down this week.

The offensive came amid fierce air strikes on the city, in a major Russian backed offensive that has left Washington's Syria policy in tatters.

"We are deeply anxious by the high numbers of wounded reported by the hospitals we support, and also know that in many areas the wounded and sick have nowhere to go at all - they are simply left to die". The Syrian leader has rallied Syria's minorities behind his government behind fears of the Sunni-dominated rebellion.

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