Published: Tue, September 20, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Matt Damon teases Emmys 'loser' Jimmy Kimmel

Other winners, like The People v. O.J. Simpson victor Courtney B. Vance, minced no words when it came to his political inclinations: "Obama out, Hillary in!" he shouted at the end of his speech. "He's a big loser, let's give him a round of applause!" Showrunner David Mandel honored her in his acceptance speech: "I know it sounds like we work a lot of hours, but this should be an easy job because I get to work with Julie Louis-Dreyfus, who just makes it easy". "I play a young man who is, I think, like so many of us, profoundly alienated", he told the crowd.

Jimmy Kimmel didn't need to roast the audience - he had enough zingers throughout the night to keep the show moving smoothly, even if some walked a fine line. "Kimmel is an ass", tweeted one disgruntled viewer. She showed up at the Oscars to get an Oscar.

"Thanks to Mark Burnett, we don't have to watch reality shows anymore, because we're living them", Kimmel said. Kimmel told the British-born producer, "Thank you for coming all the way from England to tear us all apart with your intricate plot: it worked, you sneaky little crumpet-muncher, you!"

Say what you will about Maggie Smith; she can take a joke. Including last night, she has won on four occasions. We are not mailing this to her! "What do you want?"

-One of Kimmel's funniest bits came later on in the show, when he remarked that everyone must be getting hungry since they haven't eaten "since Labor Day". "Put that in the vault, please!" The following year, she was nominated but didn't win.

EMMY host Jimmy Kimmel and surprise guest Matt Damon continued their long-running on-air feud on last night's live broadcast just moments after it was announced that Kimmel would not be the recipient of the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series. Damon asked. "No, we didn't win, all right?" said a ticked-off Kimmel.

"Did you know you can make Dollars 12 an hour driving for Uber?" he asked Kimmel.

But it was backstage where the political discourse was afforded more nuance, freed from the blinding lights and threat of an orchestra playing you off before you get to thank your mother. "You lost and you now you have to stand out here in front of everybody".

"Oh, hey, Jimmy, tell your mom I like dem apples".

Kimmel's one bit that fell flat was when he introduced "four-time Emmy victor, Dr. Bill Cosby". Kimmel said, "Don't worry, he's not really here". Well, I don't see her.

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