Published: Sat, September 17, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Jeremy Corbyn defends 'hit list' after MP files a bullying complaint

Meanwhile, illustrating the double standards of party elites, the list includes Jess Phillips MP, who told Corbyn ally Diane Abbott MP to "f*ck off", without any response from Labour HQ.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell' who chairs Mr Corbyn's leadership campaign, apologised for the release, saying it had been "inappropriate" and he hoped it did not set back attempts over the summer to rebuild relationships in the party.

Frank Field is on a "hit list" for deselection drawn up by Jeremy Corbyn's team identifying Labour MPs accused of abusing the party leader and his allies. MPs, including the deputy leader of our party, Tom Watson, who your campaign think transgressed against you in criticising you.

Mr Watson has since received an apology.

Voting in the Labour leadership battle, which is also being contested by Owen Smith, ends next Wednesday.

Corbyn is now facing a leadership challenge which emerged after the resignation of around 20 members of his shadow cabinet, and a no confidence vote in which 172 out of Labour's 230 MPs voted against him.

John McDonnell has attempted to play down a 13-strong list of "hostile" Labour MPs released by the Jeremy for Labour campaign to the media. "As Jeremy has said, it is imperative that we now do all we can to unify our party".

Some of those organising Jeremy Corbyn's campaign to win the ongoing Labour leadership election were reportedly upset that the list had been given to journalists.

Mr Coyle, who is on the list for comparing Mr Corbyn to Nigel Farage, also claimed that with the list the party leader was "giving the green light" for Corbynistas to continue trolling Labour MPs who have criticised him.

Mr Corbyn defended the list during a TV leadership debate last night, insisting their statements were already "on the public record".

Furious MPs said the move was "shabby" and "trial by troll".

Mr Smith said he was a pro-European collaborator, saying this was in contrast to Mr Corbyn, who had historically opposed the European Union and was "sanguine" about Britain quitting the bloc.

He said it was a briefing note compiled by a junior researcher: "That release came from the campaign - it didn't come from Jeremy".

But Mr Corbyn himself said he was "very unhappy" at the size of the new constituency created by the proposed abolition of the Islington North seat which he has represented for 33 years. For example, a Labour member was apparently banned for the victimless message of "I f*cking love the Foo Fighters".

Smith said that there was a danger of significant damage to Labour's parliamentary party.

The vote to replace Ms Butler comes amid nearly open warfare between Mr Corbyn's supporters and Labour moderates in the run-up to the party's annual conference at the end of the month.

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