Published: Mon, September 26, 2016
Research | By Jennifer Evans

India to ratify Paris Agreement on climate change

Out of 191 signatories, 60 - contributing 47.79 per cent of global emissions - have already ratified the CoP21 protocol, which is due to come into force in 2020.

Last week, Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar said he expects to announce that countries accounting for over 55 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions have formally joined the treaty - the threshold needed to trigger the landmark agreement - when he presides over the 22nd U.N. Climate Conference in Marrakesh that starts on November 7.

New Delhi had previously expressed reservations on the deal, arguing that it would have a negative impact on India's development.

Mezouar told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday that he expects India, accounting for around 4.5 percent of emissions, to ratify the agreement by the end of October and the European Union, responsible for about 12 percent, to ratify by the end of the year. Ratification is yet to be done and India too is yet to do it.

He said there is no better way to celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, who lived a life of minimum carbon footprint. India represents about four percent of global emissions, according to the authorities' assessments.

"Today Prime Minister has announced that India will ratify the Paris agreement, implying the agreement arrived at in Paris has been accepted by India in binding".

India, along with 190 others, signed the Paris Climate Agreement at the United Nations in NY to create an "Environment Democracy" in commemoration of the 46th "International Mother Earth Day" on April 22.

To cut down its emissions, India has pledged to increase its clean energy share - solar and wind - by 40 per cent by 2022 to 175 GW.

"It was unnecessary to link climate agreement to either NSG or to USA support on any other matter", added ORF Vice President and climate change consultant Samir Saran.

German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks described the Paris agreement as "a great sign of hope" in the fight against global warming.

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