Published: Wed, September 14, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

GM's electric Chevy Bolt to go 238 miles per charge

GM's electric Chevy Bolt to go 238 miles per charge

The automaker has announced that its Chevy Bolt EV, scheduled for release later this year, will be able to go 238 miles on a full charge, according to EPA-certified estimates. Tesla missed its quarterly delivery mark in July by more than 3,000 vehicles.

Simply put, 238 miles is unprecedented for an electric vehicle in the Bolt's expected price range (GM hasn't announced the Bolt's starting price, but said on Tuesday that it will be "under $37,500"). After all, Tesla's entry-level 60 kWh battery Model S, which is a much larger vehicle than the Bolt, can drive 210 miles with a single-motor configuration, and 218 miles with a dual-motor configuration.

Alan Batey, North America President at GM, said in a statement that the vehicle will hit the dealerships nationwide by the end of 2016, a year ahead of the expected launch of the Model 3. Tesla has already proven there's a healthy demand at this price point for long-range electric vehicles, as the company garnered 373,000 deposit-backed reservations for its Model 3 within 15 days of its unveiling.

But industry experts emphasize that the average miles traveled per day are significantly lower than the car's range and say the vehicles spend a majority of their time parked at home, where they can be easily charged. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Opel- and Vauxhall-branded Ampera-e twins also have a thing or two to be proud about. Now that Chevy has said that the Bolt will do nearly 240, the ball is back in Tesla's court to make sure that the Model 3 doesn't lose out on that critical spec. It is also decked with fascinating tech, including a 15-inch touchscreen and the company's semi-self-driving system called Autopilot.

One of the primary appeals of the Bolt EV is its price. On the other hand, Tesla Motors' Model 3 has a price tag of $35,000 before incentives. While a number of the world's largest auto companies are well along in releasing electric cars, Chevy has at least one advantage.

The 2017 Bolt EV has some interesting features too. Using inductive charging, Chevy Bolt owners can power up their smartphone wirelessly.

"The Bolt EV definitely has the range", Chevrolet said on Facebook Monday morning. Opel is showing that electro-mobility is also achievable for a much broader audience thanks to the most innovative technology - Opel is democratizing the electric vehicle with the Ampera-e.

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