Published: Fri, September 16, 2016
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Filing: ITT Technical Institute to cease operations Friday

Filing: ITT Technical Institute to cease operations Friday

The closure affected five campuses in Virginia including locations in Salem, Chantilly, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Richmond.

The Debt Collective also worked with students of colleges run by the for-profit college chain Corinthian Colleges when they went on a similar debt strike past year. "ECPI University's trial period allows them to do just that".

Over the past few years, a ideal storm of bad publicity, declining enrollments, and new regulations has taken a toll on for-profit universities.

Ben Cannon, executive director of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, said the state is putting particular attention to addressing the fate of 275 students in ITT Tech's two-year nursing program. He says Ivy Tech would like to make any transition as smooth as it can be. The former students claim the debts are illegitimate as ITT provided a substandard education that makes it impossible for them to earn enough money pay their loans, and that the government issuing the loans failed to protect the students from the predatory practices of ITT.

Di Saunders, a spokeswoman for Oregon Institute of Technology, which is participating in the open house, said she feels for ITT Tech students. So whatever school they chose to go to they will have to start over from scratch.

That year, the Obama administration announced regulations to hold for-profit schools more accountable for the outcomes of their students. There will be demonstrations of equipment used to train students in mechatronics. In other words, their students must show suitable return on their collegiate investment. Unable to land steady work, he later received an MBA from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, a nonprofit school.

Industry advocates cry foul, saying that while there are bad actors within the industry, the DOE approach is overly broad and heavy-handed. Ranken is a private, non-profit institution.

Although as of now, there has been no announcement of such plans from ITT Tech. They were hoping to gain some insight from the board about what schools might accept their credits.

SCHEV Director Peter Blake and VCCS Chancellor Glenn Dubois have been working alongside Governor McAuliffe to ensure that those who were enrolled at ITT Tech at the time of its closure are given the opportunity to continue to pursue academic excellence.

Different schools offer different programs. "These students have already taken those", Takahashi said.

Cincinnati State costs $149 per credit hour for in-state students, which is less than a third of ITT Tech's published rate of $493 per credit hour.

While Milstead learned a lot from Bass and a few other professors, he said overall the coursework and instruction were subpar.

"The students weren't the ones in the wrong". In August, ITT effectively defaulted on that loan when the U.S. Department of Education required the company to increase its reserves to $247.3 million.

Students should bring their ITT transcripts or grade reports and any industry certifications. In the longer term, we will all likely end up paying for that relief with our tax dollars.

Mike Minglin, general counsel for Indiana's board of nursing, told I-Team 8 that attorneys for the school informed the state during a conference call Wednesday night.

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