Published: Tue, September 27, 2016
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Clinton, Trump look to overcome weaknesses on debate stage

These voters say the debates will be important and that they are undecided in their choice, are now backing a third-party candidate or only leaning toward Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton.

The first presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton, is now just days away on September 26.

Donald Trump is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in NY.

The analysts have said that the two candidates were taking vastly different approaches and their divergent strategies revealed how the two and their campaigns see the race, their strengths and their opponents' weaknesses. The exchange showed how Clinton's humor could be an effective countermeasure to Trump.

Shortly after, Buzzfeed confirmed that she had accepted the invitation - however, several hours later, the Trump campaign still had yet to respond with a confirmation that Trump actually planned to bring Flowers to the Monday debate.

Some of the most attentive viewers of the Clinton-Trump debates may be supporters of a candidate not on the stage: 44% of people supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson consider them very important.

It's a far cry from Trump's reported debate preparations; the GOP candidate has largely eschewed traditional debate prep, trusting his personality and focus on big-picture issues to carry him through the first one.

He may tend to belittle Clinton to the point of rudeness when he is speaking off the cuff, such as by making fun of her for recuperating from her recent pneumonia, the New York Times noted. He has promised to be "very respectful" with Clinton.

"Any path we took, if I supported Donald, if I didn't support Donald, the criticism was going to be there", Cruz told a packed Austin auditorium during a policy forum organized by The Texas Tribune.

"I think both of them have a lot to prove", Perry said. "It depends on what level she hits you with, if she's fair, if it's unfair, but certainly I'm not looking to do that".

But unlike the Republican primary debates where Trump benefited from his fellow candidates' infighting, a built-in base of conservative supporters, and tactics like bullying his opponents worked to his advantage, Trump will now be facing a singular and undoubtedly well-prepared enemy in front of an audience not from his own party.

According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, as of Sept 19, candidates will be discussing "America's Direction", "Achieving Prosperity" and "Securing America". Smith suggested that the task of being a debate moderator is quite hard, as members of a party typically dislike a moderator that is tough on their candidate.

The debate will be the best opportunity for two candidates, both widely seen by voters as untrustworthy, to put to rest questions about their fitness for the White House with the November 8 election fast approaching. Polls show that voters expect her to "win" the debate. The moderator will use the remaining time for follow-up questions. No one remembers what policy points Al Gore made in his first debate against George W. Bush.

Trump said that he would curb his disparaging tone at the debate, to be moderated by NBC News' Lester Holt. The second debate will be held October 9 in St. Louis and the third will be October 19 in Las Vegas.

History shows that a single bad debate performance can alter the trajectory of a USA presidential race.

This debate is must-see TV, and voters know it.

The tweet on Saturday underscored the challenges Trump faces as he attempts to close his deficit among female voters, whom polls show favor Clinton by significant margins.

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